Friday, 8 January 2016

Taking the Children Out for Winter Learnings

With schools focusing more on fostering distinctive personalities of their children, this winter has brought along many reasons for these schools to celebrate the energy and warmth of New Year. Schools like Williamsburg Northside Preschool have some cold weather fun activities for their kids under their hats.

  • It’s always hard to gear up in proper winter assembles from head to toe and step out for a winter vacation. Williamsburg Northside Preschool have prepared a snow ground for their kids, so that they can indulge in snowy activities – building a snow man, Eskimo house and snowball fights. With educators around, they have minimal chance of getting caught in the shivering winter chills. Such games are not fun games only but impart some important lessons like team work, organizing skills and to an extent, patience.
  • Outdoor activities like ice- fishing or skiing are also engaging winter plans in which preschools are investing. The benefit of such activities is that schools can host the training camps or classes because students can learn better under the supervision of their educators.
  • Preschools are hosting some warm-up sessions to prepare their kids for the winter adventure. These special classes are held in the open areas where small obstacles or sledges are placed for students so that they can race and compete with other students.
  • Campfire0 is every kid’s favorite outside activity. With educators, school mates lounging around the fire, kids will certainly enjoy reciting their own stories.  This activity will help kids with their reciting, writing and acting skills.
  • Eminent schools like Williamsburg Northside Preschool have taken their students to different winter locations many times before. With educators and sports instructors accompanying, children can try various sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing. These activities proffer some unique opportunities of experiencing the changes which nature unfolds with the arrival of cold season.

Schools have also been mailing some important dressing tips to the parents, so that kids are warmly packed in the winter chills.

  • Microfleece leggings beneath pants or skirts, which will protect the legs from icy winds and moisture too.
  • Warm top or fleece top that will wrap the kid with snugness
  • Jackets or woolen sweaters/pullovers/sweatshirts to give the final protection from the cold weather.
  • Hats, socks, boots and gloves to protect the most sensitive parts of body away from chills.  


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