Friday, 8 January 2016

Every Parent has Superhero Powers

Every holiday season, parents spend quality time finding and purchasing their kid’s favorite superhero costumes. Superman, batman, Flash, Hulk – kids love bouncing up and down in their superhero attire and fighting fictitious bad guys. Running after them, parents indulge in their kids’ imaginary mission to protect the world from the evil powers. For kids, their parents are no less than superheroes and child care center Williamsburg Northside Daycare has come up with an intriguing idea to lead their daycare toddlers discover the superhero qualities which their parents possess.

What could be more fascinating than watching these little fighters who are always charged up to battle off the villains (imaginary) from their secret space, teaming up with their parents who are also clad up in superheroes costumes(strictly assigned by their children)?

Here is what the educators of Williamsburg Northside Daycare have to say about the special powers owned by every parent and that every kid should acknowledge - 

Extraordinary strength, stamina and endurance

Like Ironman, Dr. Jean Grey in X-men, The Beast, parents also have limitless strength and stamina, otherwise, who else can run after bouncing bundles of energy whole day across the shopping mall, park, grandpa’s place and of course, at home. Normally what should be a fun dinner outing and shopping spree, we can spot a dad or a mom walking out from such places carrying all the bags over one shoulder and their adorable troublemakers on the other. These endless tales goes on till kids go to bed and after they wake up next day. Spending all day on feet cleaning and taking care of kids is certainly what only superheroes can do.

Sharp, flexible and quick reflexes

Superheroes may take a break in a while but parents have to stay alert and attentive, even in their dreams, you never know when the unpredictable mess knocks in. God has gifted parents with this special superhuman reflexes because of which they can respond to every nitty change or diversion in what otherwise goes usual. If kids are cycling, parents will know a moment before when they are about to bump into a car, so they jump in to catch them. It won’t be a surprise if they inhibited the fastest runner on the earth badge before ‘Flash’ (parents have to chase their kids to feed them or send them to daycare.)

Sensing what can’t be seen or heard

Well not only Superman has X-ray machine fitted in his eyes, parents can foresee every little mess or trouble that their kid might bring along even if it has slightest of the possibility. They can hear the sound of their glass vase crashing the floor before it actually happens. Isn’t it cool?

Sliding and jumping over the Lego blocks

Spiderman definitely has an advantage here- he doesn’t have to touch the ground while swinging over from one place to other.  But parents are far braver and risk takers for they have to jump over the broken pieces of their favorite antique pieces, crockery, toys, morning porridge and mashed sweet potatoes littered across the house floors. They sometimes have a tough time in bathrooms too while giving their kids an emergency bath because they can’t predict when they can slip over the soap cake (that accidently slipped out of toddlers hand).

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