Thursday, 29 October 2015

Skills Your Child Should Muster Before Preschool

A strong preschool program strengthens the substratum of support for academic, social and emotional accomplishment of a child. Nurturing a child in his formative years, prepares him for an important transition i.e., starting a preschool.  All parents are often worried that their child might not be ready for preschool although choosing the right preschool will help quell that anxiety to a certain extent. This blog recapitulates and summarizes the ways to prepare your little one for preschool. These steps will help your child derive most out of the classroom teachings and activities. 

Stimulate Independence –

“It is important for parents to instill confidence and faith in their child’s capabilities of making appropriate choices and even if they fail, let them learn from their own mistakes.”

                           Educator, Williamsburg Northside Preschool

Encourage your child to learn the basic self-care skills like pouring water in a glass, opening lunch-box, washing hands, putting on jacket, cleaning his toys. Let him take responsibility and don’t forget to teach the safety rules!

  • Inculcate basic organization skills –

Teach your little one some basic organization skills like how to fold clothes, zip the school backpack, clean up the play area and ways to organize his room. You can always use some handy and colorful baskets and store like items together. Do not forget to pat the back once he completes his task.

  • Develop etiquette -
 Going to a preschool means your child will have to interact with other children and teachers. It is important for him to express and communicate his ideas, curiosities and needs to others.

 “Saying thank you, please and sorry, greeting others, using table manners are some of the basic social skills that parents should teach their child before starting preschool. It shows that your child respects his fellow mates and teachers.”

-Educator, Williamsburg Northside Preschool

Williamsburg Northside preschool is acclaimed for its carefully crafted early childhood program that fosters your child’s learning experience. Their classroom activities are inspired from curiosities, ideas and interests of a child so that they can explore and acknowledge the world around them. The Reggio Emilia approach is the cornerstone of the WNS program and values the individuality of every child.

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